Are Recruiters now Marketers?

Marketing seems to be becoming a more and more dominant aspect of recruitment, as organisations become more demanding and cautious when looking for the ‘perfect’ candidate. Generally recruitment agencies recruit for extremely specific positions, wanting particular technical skills/knowledge from a very specific industry, hence why the client is unable to recruit in-house; the reason for this? These candidates are in such high demand, they are not actively seeking work, so recruiters need to attract and find them. Recruitment consultants need to act like marketers- successfully seeking searching and attracting new talent; but how?

Marketing and Recruitment

Marketing Skills that Recruiters Need:

Social Media, particularly LinkedIn is invaluable to recruiters, social media allows recruiters to access potential candidate information in regards to current or future roles. It is essential that recruiters understand how to effectively use and utilize digital, social technologies to communicate and attract desired candidates. The effective use of social media allows recruiters to expand their networks, building relationships before jobs are even available, interacting, engaging and building relationships and ultimately placing the right candidate into the right job.

SEO is important to ensure that recruiters adverts are viewed and seen by the right people, and ultimately stand out from the mass of recruitment adverts online. Recruiters need the right candidates to find and view their adverts before rival agencies. To do this a good understanding of key words and search terms from a candidates perspective is essential.

Copywriting skills are vital to ensure adverts are written well; articulating the clients needs while staying on brand. The job description needs to appeal to the right candidate’s, using relevant language and wording. Specific skills and experience should be clearly outlined to avoid unsuitable candidates applying and ultimately wasting time.

Direct Marketing plays a vital role in recruitment, to keep your candidate database up to date and to attract specific candidates to current job opportunities; again utilizing your copywriting skills to effectively articulate your message and appeal to your target audience.

Events are a great tool to network with candidates and clients alike. Events give recruiters the perfect opportunity to network and show of their industry expertise, keeping up to date with current and future trends in the market place. Proactive recruiters will set up and attend relevant networking events, creating alliances with professional bodies and industry leaders. This can then be communicated through social media and word of mouth, building a trusted, professional brand image in the market place.


Ok so in a perfect world, there would be enough hours in the day for recruiters to also be marketers..

But lets face it recruitment is a demanding, fast-paced industry and it would be impossible to do all of the above in the short time frames clients expect.

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