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Calling all Polish Builders

Posted on 28th May, by Mike in blog. No Comments

At a recent meeting a business associate of mine asked me why I thought he wasn’t getting many repeat visitors to his website and those that visited were not staying very long. After a few questions it became clear that he’d only spent a few hundred pounds on the website and it had been done by someone in Eastern Europe. The site looked okay and functioned faultlessly, the problem lay with the content.

The analogy I often use is that a website is like a garage you have built for your car, a fairly simple structure, walls, door, roof, perhaps a window, unfortunately no-one is really interested in your garage it is what you keep inside that they really want to see. Finding a reliable builder to knock together a garage for you is quite easy, you can even buy them in kit form and do it yourself, the problems start when you ask Aleksander to build you a car.

Wooden Car
Sticking with my analogy, you want something easy to drive, reliable, fast, that will catch someone’s eye, has all the latest bells and whistles and be a pleasure to drive. And ideally you want more than one car and to change it on a regular basis.

Fresh and relevant content is a problem that many businesses are struggling with for their social media activities. Exactly those same issues apply to your website, better to have less content but keep it fresh, make sure it works on smartphones and tablets and look at sexy new features like video.

Unfortunately a lot of businesses use their website like they use their own garage at home and fill it with junk, they don’t even have a car.

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