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Cross Platform Advertising and the Reluctant Advertiser

Posted on 20th November, by Mike in blog. No Comments

I first noticed this phenomenon about five years ago when newspapers changed their policy of selling online advertising along-side their classified job ads, to making it compulsory – you want to place a job ad it had to go online as well. Clients initially railed at this – if they wanted to advertise a job online they would choose where and when, to be forced by the publishers was an outrage!

It was a brave move by the publishers but five years on it is accepted and works well. In my experience if you drill down through the applications you will find 50 – 70% will have come from the online listings rather than the newspaper, but who’s counting, the newspapers and the advertisers both seem happy.

Most advertisers are naturally conservative they like to work with just one medium at a time, they will experiment, but this tends to be done in series rather than in parallel, which is where they are missing a trick. Most customers these days don’t use a single medium they are media savvy. Even for an old git like me it is not unusual to be ‘watching’ something recorded on Tivo, whilst browsing the Internet, talking to my son on Skype and sending a text message from my iPhone.

This has trend been recently been reflected in a number of ‘Second Screen’ project we have worked on where advertisers have wanted to enhance or support campaigns through other digital media.


The obvious Second Screen for most organisations has been the website – however finding the information you’re after cam be problematic, especially for larger websites. To remedy this we have seen the emergence of..

Mini & Micro Websites

Sometimes just one or two pages, these sites sit between the advertising media and the main website. They reinforce the sales message and where appropriate provide links to the website. They are also cheap and easy to produce though their lifespan can be very short.

Social Media

Social network sites like Facebook and Twitter can perform a similar role and have been embraced by both B2B and B2C clients. Advertising aside their ability to ‘sell’ is limited and generally frowned upon in this sharing and caring environment.


Video is the ideal tool for cross-platform campaigns as it works reasonably well (thanks to cheap and plentiful broadband) on all the digital media and is quite a passive media requiring the individual to only watch, rather than read. There is also now an expectation that information from companies needs to be engaging and entertaining as well as informative.

It is the responsibility of creative agencies like ours to highlight all the options and inspire clients to seize the opportunities presented by the ‘cross platform’ approach. But to do it in a way that meets the requirements of the brief and the budget.

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