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Maximise Candidate Attraction with the perfect job advert

Posted on 4th June, by Sara Thompson in blog. No Comments

images (3)When trying to fill a new position, HR and recruitment professionals are likely to fall into one of two categories, either:

1) Attract too many unsuitable candidates


2) Struggle with a poor response rate and very few applications

To avoid this predicament it is essential to get your job advertisement right in the first place; saving lots of time and money.

Media Research:

You could design the most eye-catching, informative job advert ever, but if it isn’t displayed in the right medium for your target audience, they will never see it.

What media you use depends on the type of candidate you want to attract. For specialist technical roles, trade publications often work well, whereas a local paper tends to be more effective for low-skilled local roles, LinkedIn is effective to attract senior candidates that are not necessarily job seeking and the internet and social media tends to work well for the younger generation and graduates compared to traditional newspapers.


When possible use the company logo to brand job postings, this builds trust amongst job seekers and helps your advert stand out amongst the hundreds of generic career advertisements, not to mention branding builds your company as a reputable employer, people aspire to work for.


Why is your organisation a great place to work? Don’t keep it a secret! Tell people. If you’re not enthusiastic about your company, why should a prospective employee? Detail the companies culture and benefits; as these factors are often neglected, yet at the end of the day usually matter more than the pay-check itself and can help staff retention.

Job Description:

Be honest, highlight both the positives and negatives of the job, to ensure only serious candidates apply. Honesty is also important when stating the essential and desired skill set, make it clear – this avoids both the recruiters and candidates time being wasted.

And finally, don’t forget Stuart Hirst also offers a complete recruitment advertising service, providing peace of mind for HR and recruitment professionals. Our popular recruitment services include: Media research, design & artwork and recruitment micro sites, tailored specifically to our clients requirements.




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