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Mobile-ising your marketing

Posted on 20th August, by Mike in blog. No Comments

Let me start by explaining something, up until very recently my girlfriend was convinced that if she ignored the advent and explosion of technology and communication (namely, the Internet, laptops and mobile devices), that it would all simply go away as quietly as Beta-max in the 80’s, and she would be left with the smug look of “I told you I’d never needed to learn how to attach a sodding image to an email”.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not as if she doesn’t have the intelligence to master any of these technologies, it’s just that she has never connected with them as a positive part of her life. Even on-line shopping was a fraught with rage and frustration as sessions timing out and poor payment gateways which fail to confirm clearly whether you have in fact purchased the product or not.

Unfortunately for her the demise of technology to a simpler time doesn’t seem to have panned out, and so recently, after the death of her decaying old mobile phone, with a resignation of a child being made to go back to school for the first day of term after a long and wondrous summer break, she trudged off begrudgingly to the phone shop to purchase a new one.

I’ll be honest, I was expecting her to return with no more than the most basic of basic phones, but to my surprise she walked through the front door sporting one of the very popular all singing and dancing Android smart-phones currently on the market and continued to act disinterested interested in its potential. Maybe it wasn’t an act? Maybe she genuinely had no interest in what this technology could do? I know I am sounding like a techno geek here, but new gadgets excite me and I would have had my nose buried in it for days, trying to grasp every ounce of its potential.

Nothing more was said about the new purchase, and we carried on as always in our opposing technological worlds, until about a week later, when she came storming into the room to demand reasons as to why her “ridiculous” phone was making the website she was trying to view not display correctly. To be fair to her the display of the website was pretty poor, but this was not down to the phone, it was the brand’s website which had not been set up for mobile devices. To make it worse it transpired that she had been directed to the website in the first instance through a QR code in a magazine advert, the most cardinal of modern marketing blunders.

More to the point though was that my girlfriend, recently the most uninterested of mobile technology users, had almost overnight developed an expectation for multi-channel brand delivery. She expected brands to offer her access to their products on her terms, whether it was through a laptop, mobile, tablet, or high street shop; she expected a service that catered for all these channels and that was indivisible from each other, and furthermore if she didn’t get this service delivery then there were plenty of other brands out there that would.

So beware, it’s all well and good embracing the latest technology and seeming to be cutting edge, but remember your brand users are equally as savvy, probably more than even they realise themselves.

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