Getting the Most out of Linked In

Getting the most out of Linked in

If you’re a professional person looking for connections or a person looking to find work in a certain field you probably will be using LinkedIn. The recruitment site now has millions of members and is probably the most popular professional site in the world. However, only a proportion of people use it to its full potential. So, we’ve compiled some tips to aid you make the most of LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is highly favourable to Google’s search and so optimising your profile for the sort of work you do, will see you returned in search results. As a significant amount of recruiters will use Google to search for people, employees and suitable people for employees – apt profiles are a necessity. Updating and adding to your profile can see you returned in these results and provide innumerable more opportunities than you may be currently experiencing.


Groups are the perfect place to pick up tips and advice. Add yourself to groups that are relevant to your industry and interact with people in these groups. This can be the perfect way to network, find opportunities before they arise and meet likeminded people.


Linking to other media and other places allows people to see your work and also means you can create a more impressive CV. Add YouTube videos, Twitter feeds and blogs to show yourself to be a doer.


Only connect with those that you know and that you’ve worked with. It’s not a social media site; it’s a site for professionals and therefore not about friending over 500 people for the sake of it. LinkedIn is a valuable asset so treat it as such and don’t be flimsy about the people you connect with.

Organise connections so you can find people as your connections grow. Use tags as they’re a great private way to remind you who is who and what is what. Tags are also private to you so no worries about others seeing them.


Don’t endorse every single Tom, Dick and Harry that comes your way. Sure, it might be nice to do so and they may give you a dig out in return. However, if they work for someone and mess up, then you end up with a bad reputation. Only endorse people you know for a number of years and who do a good job.

Endorsements are powerful and great additions use them wisely. One of the best ways to receive them is to ask people to endorse you when you’ve completed a job.
Who do you Want to Work for?

By searching for a contact in the company you want to work for you can really make a move towards that dream job. If someone is in your network or a connection’s network, ask for an introduction. Tell them why you want to meet them and they’ll more than likely to add you. It can be a great first step to getting where you want to go.

Of course, there’s other ways to use LinkedIn to its potential, however following these is a good start to making the most of it.

Cormac Reynolds is an SEO blogger at My Social Agency A Digital Marketing Agency in Leeds and London.