Media Research = Quality Candidate Attraction one of the leading international job boards recently undertook a survey into recruitment trends and the key findings are very much centred around advertising and marketing.

The survey identified candidate attraction and the lack of skilled/ quality candidates as the biggest challenge facing recruiters. This is nothing new and will always be a problem; as the best candidates are rarely actively looking for new opportunities, so how to find them?

Currently there is a lot of hype around LinkedIn, and don’t get me wrong used correctly, it is fantastic, but never forget good old fashioned media research. Thorough media research allows you to target candidates effectively, by identifying key trade publications and websites that your target audience is likely to read, without necessarily searching for a job.

The 2013 survey also identified Job Boards as the most effective recruitment tool, recognising sector specialism, pricing and audience size as the most important factors when choosing a job board. This finding highlights the importance of media research in choosing the correct job board for your vacancy, as at first glance it can be mind boggling the array of specialist job sites available , therefore it is important to research and get your facts right. This solves the next recruitment dilemma ‘cost reduction,’ as by using the right media in the first place, along with a well written advert saves both time and money, generating quality applicants to fill your position.