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Email Marketing (B2B)

Posted on 11th June, by Mike in blog. No Comments

According to the Royal Mail the recent price hike in postage is largely due to falling postal volumes, and of course the higher the price goes the more we switch away from the traditional letter! Even at its current level postage charges are very reasonable and compare favourably with other countries but if you are sending our large numbers of invoices, sales leaflets or catalogues the costs soon add up.

There are alternatives to Royal Mail, companies such as TNT and UKMail have offered a service for the business user for a number of years and with sufficient volumes saving of up to 30% are achievable. Royal Mail offers a range of packages including the excellent Door-to-Door service, great value if you want to target postcode zones, rather than named individuals. But the most commonly used alternative is of course email.

When …

Do you need an advertising agency, at all?

Posted on 16th May, by Mike in blog. No Comments

I sat down to write an article on ten things to look for when choosing and advertising agency but quite quickly realised there is a more fundamental question to be asked first – do I need an advertising agency, at all?

After all thanks to new technology and the Internet you can do so much advertising and marketing work yourself, or in house these days, especially as organisations like Google go to great lengths to provide you with the tools you might need, free of charge.

So why do organisations use advertising agencies?


Probably the main reason people will quote for using an agency, it is also the main reason people change agencies. Of course there is no reason you can’t employ your own creative in house, but in my experience the very best creatives want to work in an agency environment where …