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Tag: mobile marketing

Social Media, Video and Recruitment

Posted on 11th March, by Sara Thompson in blog, Uncategorized. No Comments

You can’t go a day without seeing a news article on the growing importance of social media, but how relevant is social media to recruitment?

Social media is becoming an increasingly dominant feature in company’s recruitment strategies. A survey conducted by XpertHR found that employers tend to use social media at the early, candidate attraction stage of recruitment, promoting themselves as an employer and developing their brand amongst job seekers, ultimately driving applicants to the organisations corporate careers website.

Social media has the potential to reach vast audiences at minimal costs; LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are identified as the three most popular social media sites for recruitment advertising, but in this over crowded, over informed market place, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Posting relevant, regular content is vital to engage interest, attract and ultimately retain followers, so why not …

Mobile-ising your marketing

Posted on 20th August, by Mike in blog. No Comments

Let me start by explaining something, up until very recently my girlfriend was convinced that if she ignored the advent and explosion of technology and communication (namely, the Internet, laptops and mobile devices), that it would all simply go away as quietly as Beta-max in the 80’s, and she would be left with the smug look of “I told you I’d never needed to learn how to attach a sodding image to an email”.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not as if she doesn’t have the intelligence to master any of these technologies, it’s just that she has never connected with them as a positive part of her life. Even on-line shopping was a fraught with rage and frustration as sessions timing out and poor payment gateways which fail to confirm clearly whether you have in fact purchased the product or not.

Unfortunately for her …