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A Client’s Guide to Video Production

Posted on 28th June, by Mike in blog. No Comments

Part One : Pre-Production

Domestic video cameras have been around since the early eighties, and we’ve all shot a video on our phone, so producing a video for your website is simple, right?

Well not really, having something that is high quality, engaging and gets across your key messages in the shortest possible time is not that easy. Here I’m going to give you a simple guide to planning and executing the perfect video project, whether you do it yourself, or employ professionals.

Planning is very important, time spent before the project starts will save time and money in the long run. There is a temptation to just start shooting everything thinking that it will all come together in post production, this never happens.


The video production process is divided into three phases:

Pre-production: brief, budgeting, script, storyboard, casting, scheduling
Production: Video shoot, graphics design, gathering …