Christmas.. The Season of Marketing!

The festive season is a Marketing extravaganza, with brands campaigns airing earlier and earlier each year, competing to have the most coveted Christmas campaign.

This year John Lewis and Sainsbury’s have certainly got people talking and tweeting with their story telling festive campaigns.

Using crowd sourced material Sainsbury’s have created an extremely authentic campaign that is refreshingly different to the traditional price-war supermarket adverts. ‘Christmas in a day’ is highly personable, showcasing the love, laughs, trials and tribulations of a British Christmas day, – with at least a couple of scenarios for everyone to relate to.

John Lewis take a totally different approach by utilising animation. ‘The Bare and the Hare’ advert only released last month, came in second place to Evian in YouTube’s advert leader board for favourite ad of the year 2013. The heart-warming campaign is centred on the idea of ‘thoughtful giving’. Music plays a huge role in the success of John Lewis Christmas campaigns, creating a further emotional connection with customers. Previous years have featured Gabrielle Aplin and Ellie Goulding, and this year Lilly Allen covers Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ achieving the number one spot in the UK single chart. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t think of John Lewis when they hear Lilly’s cover? The song cleverly propels the campaign and John Lewis brand well beyond the TV screen.

The beautifully crafted ad has inspired countless covers, and attracted huge media attention proving the emotive potential of animation. As well as the ‘Bare and the Hare’ merchandise they also have individual John Lewis twitter accounts, with over 11,000 followers each.. Not bad for a couple of Christmas characters from an advert.

The overwhelming success of John Lewis’ Christmas campaigns now brings huge expectation, so how will Marketers top it next year?