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Social Recruiting: Twitter Recruitment Tips

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Tips to recruit with Twitter

Social Recruitment - Mobile and Twitter Recruitment
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As a Recruitment Advertising Agency we’re keen to stay ahead of the latest recruitment advertising trends and the adoption of social recruitment is only set to increase.

Twitter has over 500 million registered users, or in other words 500 million potential candidates. That’s a huge pool of people right at your fingertips and for free. So with that in mind surely there should be at least a couple of potential new recruits.

Twitter Recruitment: 5 Top Tips

1) Hashtags are a great way to source potential candidates; search hashtags related to your industry to find candidates and use hash tags such as #jobs #industrykeyword #location to enable candidates to find you.

2) Get savvy: Share posts in one simple click across all your social media accounts with tools like HootSuite and Tweet Deck.

3) Search Twitter bios: is a useful search tool and can be used to search Twitter bios and locations, allowing you to source talent in your location and industry.

4) As a recruiter it can be time consuming updating your social media all the time, to combat this try out, an app for chrome it analyses followers slowly sending tweets at peak times, getting maximum exposure for your tweets.

5) So you’ve found a potential candidate on Twitter, but you want to find out more about them first? Try using 360 Social; a plugin for Google Chrome enabling you to discover the online footprint of potential employees in seconds, it will display a list of their other social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Some advice: Remember to be personal as well as professional. Be interesting and tweet things that aren’t just business related; people don’t want to read a list of job vacancies! Tweeting personal insights promotes trust, but be careful not to cross the line and be controversial, especially when representing your business; instead of airing controversial views, ask questions and look intelligent.. Keeping yourself out of trouble and encouraging audience engagement.

Of course Twitter has its limitations, after all it is not designed to be a search or recruitment tool. For maximum impact social recruiting is best used alongside other recruitment advertising methods, such as job boards, trade publications and local/national press.

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