Top tips to Recruitment Job Board Success

job boards

At Stuart Hirst we have built long-established relationships with the leading national and specialist job boards, enabling us to secure the best deals and advertising space for our clients, aiding quality candidate attraction.

We can appreciate that Job Boards can be a minefield, with the many different categories to choose and forms to fill out, so to ease the pain we have listed our three top tips to job board success:

1) Choose Carefully

The quantity of applications will depend on what job boards you advertise on and the type of role you are recruiting for. It is the age old dilemma of quality vs quantity, general job boards are great for general roles, but if you are seeking a very specific skill set in a niche market, a specialist job board might be more suited. Media Research is key; Stuart Hirst can advise on the best job boards for your role, providing you with the key facts and figures to make an informed decision.

2) Job Title

It probably sounds simple, but a job title sets the tone of the job, reflecting responsibilities, prospects and salary. Take a moment to think about the different job titles your target employee is likely to use when searching for a new position, as job seekers predominantly search job boards using their desired job title and location. Similar roles can often use completely different job titles, so it is crucial you use the right one to feature predominantly on the search results.

3) Advert Optimisation

It is essential to use the keywords in your adverts that potential candidates are likely to search, to ensure your role features high on the job board search results. Stuart Hirst are happy to use ready-made client adverts, tweak it if requested, or design a completely new job advert from scratch; ensuring it stands out and competes effectively on the page, encouraging quality applicants.