Why are more businesses changing the way they recruit?

So you’ve got a position to fill, maybe even several positions, and you have a dilemma how are you going to recruit and fill the posts if you can’t internally? What is the best way to recruit, saving both time and money? The traditional options tend to be the two extremes: The costly option of recruitment agencies or the time consuming alternative of recruiting solely in-house.

A recruitment agency will use their database and advertise and pre-screen candidates for you, providing you with their recommended shortlist, with the hope that one of the short-listed candidates will be right for your position; if using a reputable agency this is often an effective method but also very costly. Or there’s the DIY alternative, do all the recruitment yourself in house: Decide on a job spec, create an advert, choose the right media (local/national paper, trade publication, job boards, social media), compare media costs and statistics, choose the type of advert (display, semi display, lineage, colour/mono, banner, MPU?), negotiate and book advertising space, monitor and manage campaign performance.. And that’s all before we’ve even got to the nitty gritty of the actual recruitment.

So what’s the alternative? A recruitment media management service: The happy medium between the traditional costly and time consuming recruitment methods.

Allowing an advertising agency to manage your recruitment advertising enables you to concentrate on the actual recruitment process and hiring the perfect candidate. For the same price or cheaper than placing your advert direct, a recruitment advertising agency will manage the process for you, taking care of the negotiation and booking, design and artwork and monitoring and management of the advertisement.

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